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Unlucky Number... 16??? For Attention!

My short film, ATTENTION, has been gaining some… well… attention!

This spooky short has just received it’s SIXTEENTH laurel, including its world premiere at Horrible Imaginings (shoutout to the incredible AD of that festival, Miguel!), it’s International premiere at Ravenheart International Film Festival (in Oslo!), and its latest premiere at the YoFi Film Fest in Yonkers!

Attention: “If you ever encounter evil spirits, do your best to ignore them, for they feed on attention.”

I play a girl who discovers just how out of her depth she is when a spirit she has awakened demands her attention.

Here’s All Our Fests So Far (in no particular order!):

JellyFest 2020


Horrible Imaginings 2019

Idaho Horror Film Festival

Yonkers Film Festival

Sin City Horror Fest

Boulevard Film Festival



Art of Brooklyn


Film Club: Toronto

Nightmares Film Festival

Little Terrors

Swords and Circuitry Film Festival

Stylist Short Cuts, *Winner, Best Cinematography, Art Direction

Next up, distribution! Stay tuned for some exciting news.

You can catch us at any of these fests, or watch our trailer here.


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