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My newest film that I’ve produced (and contributed VO for!) is alive!

When a terrible new plague turns people into zombies and the only cure is eating human flesh, two women in love face a choice: is “getting through this” worth it if you have to become the monster you are trying to outlive? Using the zombie genre, which usually focuses on survival at all costs, we explore questions of bodily autonomy and the right to take one’s own life.

To do this, EAT goes beyond the typical pandemic zombie short. We’ve placed modern characters in a visually dramatic world inspired by the flair of black-and-white German Expressionism a la Metropolis; reflecting the dramatic change in the world we’ve all experienced since March of 2020.

HERE IS THE TRAILER! As you watch, keep an ear out for those zombie noises — that’s yours truly, plus the work of our fantastic sound designer!


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