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Interviewing Short Film Royalty with Hollyshorts

The team at Hollyshorts is the greatest! After premiering The Disenchantment with them in 2018, I knew Daniel Sol, Nicole Castro, and Theo Dumont were going to be a great part of my life, and I was right! Since moving to LA, I’ve been volunteering with the fest, helping with Box Office and hosting the talkbacks after their Monthly Screenings. Now that the fest has gone virtual, so have I! I’ve been continuing to host their Q&As, and have now taken up my favorite job: interviews.

Hollyshorts has an AMAZING network of filmmaker and supporter alumni, and I’ve been able to talk with some incredible people:

Oscar-nominated director Kevin Wilson (“My Cousin Emmitt” @directedbykevin), big-budget feature director John Wynn (“The Rising Hawk” @johnwynn), indie actor/director darling Jaclyn Bethany (“Indigo Valley” @jaclyn_bethany), Short of the Week’s most-watched director Corey Shurge Corey Shurge (“Stuck”, “Lughead” @coreyshurge), immigration law genius Zoe Kevork (@zoekevork), and even my own Hollyshorts partner in crime, Hannah Roze (“The Disenchantment” @rozehannah).

Interviews are live on the Hollyshorts Instagram almost every Thursday at 10:30am or 5:30pm PST, and you can watch previous interviews on Hollyshorts’ IGTV channel!


Hollyshorts is back in-person, but my in-depth interview series has been so popular that Hollyshorts has been continuing this new tradition!

Since 2020, I’ve interviewed Oscar-winning filmmakers Trevon Free, Rayka Zehtabchi, Guy Nattiv & Jaime Ray Newman, and many of their Oscar-nominated peers, as well!

You can find those interviews here:


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