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Guest-Starring on a favorite Podcast!

Prolific and talented creator Joshua Wise and I worked together years ago (wayyy before scripted podcasts were a thing!) on his scripted podcast series, Lord Dinby Duke of Space. This summer, we started working together again, and now I’ve joined the cast of his Audio Verse Award-nominated podcast, Weeping Cedars!

Weeping Cedars is a slow-burn horror story set in the town of Weeping Cedars — a podcast with over 50,000 downloads in which I play Dena: a woman who has accidentally summoned a monster that might just doom everyone. The episode will be airing later this year.

You can listen to Weeping Cedars on Spotify, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or or visit the All Ports Open website for more info on this and other series Josh runs!


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