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Founding Filmshop LA

Finding a family of artists in a new city isn’t the easiest thing to do… especially in during a global pandemic. So what did I do? Started my own!

When Director and Writer Don Downie approached me and several other early-career independent filmmakers about founding the long-overdue branch of the New York organization Filmshop, I jumped at the chance. Despite setbacks and a forced virtual-reformatting, we succeeded! I am proud to say that I am a founding Co-Leader of Filmshop LA: the newest branch of the Filmshop family.

Filmshop, a 501c3 based in NYC founded in 2009, is a nonprofit collective of independent filmmakers committed to developing new work through peer support and collaboration. Chapters in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Los Angeles and New Orleans meet weekly to workshop projects, offer constructive critique, and incubate new ideas. With a network of hundreds of members over the past 11 years, Filmshop is an exciting opportunity for me to grow as a filmmaker, actor, and producer. I’m thrilled to be involved.


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