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D&D + A New Podcast

Creator Joshua Wise and I worked together YEARS ago (wayyy before scripted podcasts were a thing!) on his scripted podcast series, Lord Dinby Duke of Space. I’m thrilled to be rejoining Josh’s team this spring, for the fully-improvised, D&D game: The Mouldering King — cast via his All Ports Open “Plays” RP-game podcast channel!

In this adventure, I play Tharea Thomravial — a teenaged, nature-obsessed, asexual Wood Elf Druid… who would basically be a Coachella Girl if the medieval world of D&D had Coachella. Over the course of 8 episodes, we discover the repercussions of a mysteriously effective weight-loss program in the town of Selbin’s “Slim” Shot(s). There’s adventure, humor, lots of progressive interpersonal awareness, and pageantry… literally.

You can check out the podcast on Spotify (this adventure is Episode 20-27!), subscribe to it on Apple Podcasts, or visit the All Ports Open website for more info on this and other series Josh runs!


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