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Update, July 2015:

Representing the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (as well as American theatre as a whole) with a phenomenal production of Adam Rapp's "Red Light Winter," Shannon (playing the 'lost American girl' Christina), traveled to Warsaw for ITSelF. Ten internationally-ranked theatre schools competed: schools from Austria, Belgium, and Iran amongst others. Red Light Winter's Mike Turner (playing the role of Matt) was awarded the Best Actor in a Leading Role Award, and the show as a whole recieved much acclaim, despite its edgy and disturbing content. For an interview with Shannon conducted by the Lee Strasberg Institute, check out this link:

March, 2015:

This summer, I will be travelling to Warsaw, Poland with the cast and crew of "Red Light Winter," a play by Adam Rapp, directed by Laura Savia (Bareknuckle with the Vertigo Theatre Co.) produced by the Lee Strasberg Institute as the sole American entry to the annual ITSelF Theatre Festival, a celebration of international theatre. In this production, I play Christina, an American posing as a French girl in Amsterdam, whose encounter with Davis and his friend Matt leads to unrequited love on the grandest of scales. The New York City run of the production premiered March 18-21, and the festival run will extend from June 25-30 in Warsaw. For more information on the festival,

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