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100k Downloads for Cryptids!

The scripted podcast I was in last Halloween season has continued to take off! Featured in more lists of must-listens again this year, Cryptids now has over 100k downloads, and has been rated one of Discover Pods’ Best Fiction Podcasts.

"Eve is a true believer. She uses Trevor’s radio show to escape from the death she faces every day while at work. Eve finds faith in believing something else is out there. But, Eve needs to prove that something is real. She forces her way into Trevor’s off-air life, and together they set out to find the truth behind a well-believed conspiracy: aliens on the moon are orchestrating death and harvesting human souls. On their search, the two are forced to face their greatest fears while on the cusp of not only proving the existence of Gods and Monsters, but unveiling one of humankind’s darkest and most profound secrets."

I play Rachel, a concerned and caring nurse who works with Eve in the children's hospital.


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